Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The dismantling of my generation”)

I honestly don’t have a problem with growing older. It is necessary and it sure as heck beats the alternative. However, the one thing that I am noticing is that I am slowly “losing touch with everything that I was brought up with.” In my childhood I was taught to write and do math on paper. People didn’t have computers during my early years. I also remember pay phones, comic books that sold for 12 cents, gas prices that were under a dollar and so much more. I never heard of AIDS, Lyme disease or Ebola back then. So much has changed. I loved the  music that I grew up with, and the style of it touched my soul in many instances. It suddenly feels as though my reality is slowly fading from view. Now when I listen to the radio stations that not long ago played my favorite music I am instead listening to songs with a “younger format.” My radio stations are focusing more on reaching a younger audience while neglecting my age group in the process. I never thought that my generation would ever stop listening to the radio, but the stations seem to be abandoning us. The other day I decided to check out the Gospel station in my home town. I still remember what conventional gospel music sounds like (and even contemporary gospel music). I was surprised to hear Gospel tunes that sounded like the harshest of hip hop music. This station even featured promos with the message “We’re combining the inspiration with the streets.” I am hearing a lot more “rapping” on the Gospel station (One song even featured Kanye West). I realize that evolution is a necessity in life, but I just never thought that my age group would forgotten like that. Jazz stations have given way to “smooth jazz stations” whereby artists like Luther Vandross and Simply Red are now labeled as jazz artists. During my day that was not the case. Since I am a songwriter I am now based with the realization that I may need to change my “own view” of what I consider to be popular music. Gone are the days of Prince, James Brown and Michael Jackson. The music that is popular now sounds nothing like them. Considering the fact that people in my age group are also passing on I am now having difficulty finding my own “reality.” Change is immanent. You can either go with the flow or fall by the wayside. There might still be a market for the values I was brought up with, but it looks as though I will have to be the one to pursue it to see if it still works. Yes, my world is slowly evaporating, but I will need to expand my sight in order to see what’s ahead.  I can’t even find my old typewriter. If you live long enough, one day your world will change as well. Let’s hope that we all will still be able to see “past our own realities.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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