Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Just what is it about Donald Trump?”)

I have heard all the negatives…He is “allegedly” a racist who has spoken out about veterans, women and minorities, and yet people “still” vote for him. He has talked about deporting people and building walls to keep people out. He is a playboy who has been married several times. What is it about Donald Trump that makes him win? First off, we have to admit that the one thing the man does “NOT” lack is “confidence… He is brash, cocky, and often arrogant. He is not afraid to speak his mind to anyone. That is actually a “great trait” for a Presidential candidate to have, but are these traits alone enough to qualify him for the Presidency? The will of the people should not be ignored. If the Republican voters choose him then isn’t  that what this process is all about? So why is there so much hatred and negativity being spread about a candidate who is so vastly popular? In case you have not noticed, the other trait about Trump is that he is also very sensitive. If anyone says anything negative about him, his first recourse is to “fire back hard.” If a commentator or reporter grills him on a subject you can actually see his face “turn red” as he gets angry while responding. Of course, once people realize how he is then that only prompts them to “push his buttons even more.” From what I have seen he falls for this “each and every time.” Can such a sensitive President survive in office? Trump came into the race with power. He is a millionaire (possibly billionaire) with enough money to pay his own way. With all that money, why would he even “want” to add such a stressful job like the Presidency to his agendas? Could it be to feed his ego or does he honestly feel that he has the solutions that most Americans seek? No matter what you say about the man, he is truly “successful.” With all the he has accomplished, is winning the Presidency just a “game” for him? His one major flaw so far has been his failure to “unite the party.” He has other “prominent Republicans” who will not support him and several have said that if he wins the nomination they will seek “other alternatives.” Even after all of this the man still keeps on winning primaries. Say what you want about him, but for now he is basking in a huge wave of popularity. Will it be enough to win him the prestigious “White House?” Time will tell… Until then, be prepared to hear a LOT of “love/hate” propaganda regarding Donald Trump. When compared to most other candidates in history he is most certainly “different,” but today is a new age and maybe people have stopped looking for “perfection in a candidate.” Either way, Trump is “in” when it comes to the Republican party, and they may have to depend on him to represent their own agendas and values. This should make for some “really good entertainment.” I am looking forward to seeing how this “plays out.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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