Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Should you look for love or let love find you?”)

I know a young lady who is of college age. She is doing relatively well in school and even though she had a few bumps in the road she still managed to make it through the semester. She is fine now except for the fact that her mother is practically “pushing her to find a boyfriend.” She wants her to have someone so that once she finishes with school she can  leave the house and be with someone. The mother feels that the daughter’s first step towards being independent is to go live with some man. This girl said that she is reminded constantly about it. I told her the real focus of love “should not be to just find any boyfriend, but rather to be involved in a relationship where both parties know each other well enough to actually love each other.” To just “find a boyfriend” is equivalent to “just finding a husband.” If you follow that formula it could easily be a “recipe for disaster.” The true relationships are not found, but rather “discovered.” Once you get to know someone and the chemistry develops you have all the makings for a good lover. However, it is “rare” to find the right one for you when you go out and just “search and settle for anyone who comes along.” The girl jokingly thought about “hiring one of her male friends to pretend to be a new boyfriend and then bring him home so he can act like a thug in front of her mother.” I told her that her mother probably meant well, but just didn’t say it the way she wanted. I just don’t think that relationships should be “forced.” If you give it “time to gel” then you will probably get the best results from it. For a young woman to be independent she only needs a “good job and a decent income.” Women who feel they need men in their lives usually set themselves up for hurt somewhere down the road. I honestly believe that a good man will “appreciate a woman more if he knows that she can fend for herself should anything go wrong with the relationship.” When a woman depends solely on a man to take care of her that man may feel as though he can take advantage of that situation. While it is awesome to be in a great relationship, it is your relationship with yourself that counts more. This girl has her head on straight and she said that she will “not rush”into any relationship just because her mother wants her to. That statement alone let me know that this young woman has “already matured.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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