Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“A sign of things to come?”)

Recently I have had to deal with medical issues regarding family and other things. I realize that life can never be perfect. I even felt a sense of loss after the recent deaths of Prince and Billy Paul. However, yesterday a strong rain came through my area and right after it ceased I went outside and saw this:



Not one, but “two” rainbows in the sky. Now I don’t know about many other places, but it is quite rare to see “any” rainbow in the Philadelphia area. To actually see “2” rainbows was awesome. I am glad I took the picture quickly, because the rainbows didn’t stay up there long at all. In life, it is important for rainbows to appear, especially after times that seem down. No, I was not going through any type of depression or anything like that, but my family has been going through a lot lately. Did the rainbow have any real significance? No, but seeing it made a difference to me anyway. Positive signs help us to keep the faith, and whether it is “light at the end of the tunnel or rainbows in the sky” we often need something to encourage us. Today is a new day. If you are able to read this then today is a new day for you as well. Your “rainbow of life” could be the fact that you “got up this morning.” I am not trying to go into “reverend mode” but rather making my own observations. Most people will never get to see rainbows “unless they keep their heads to the sky.” How significant is that? I hope your sights and your aspirations are set on “higher levels in life.” Often what you see is what you look for… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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