Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Is your history accurate?”)

We all have an upbringing. We all had to learn in order to make a living for ourselves. We were taught certain things that we “just took for granted as being truth.” Well, what if “most” of what you learned turned out to be either “false or inaccurate…?” How would you then view your own life? When you think of it, “History” is really what it “says” it is… “His… Story.” Then the question becomes “Who wrote this story and how accurate was this person?” When it comes down to it, a lot of “who we are” is based on what “we THINK we know…” Since we were not there for the history events that have been taught to us a lot of our knowledge has been derived from the views and perspectives of other people that may be wrong or no longer living. For instance, did Moses “in fact part the Red Sea?” Did Lee Harvey Oswald “really” kill President Kennedy? Did Christopher Columbus really discover America? Are all the theories about “911” truthful and accurate? If you check your own ancestry you may find that your own “personal history” has been deleted from you and “replaced by the history of others.” For instance, if you did a DNA test to find that your ancestry was from France and yet you were born and raised in the United States, then your history, your language, and  your customs have been “altered and replaced.” Many of us who were taught to live a certain way were brought up on the values of others. Think about African American men and women whose ancestors were “given” new names and “forced to accept a entirely new culture?” How can they identify their own family history? When you think  about it, those people who are already in power will put things in place to make sure they “remain” in power. That means that as long as they can manipulate your thoughts they can keep you under “control.” What better way to do that than to obliterate your history, your language and your culture and replace it with their own? There are a “lot of theories about a lot of historical events that may or may not be true.” Should we take all that we have learned “at face value?” So what does this mean? On the surface this means that “you may not be who everyone wants  you to think you are. You may not know what everyone wants you to think you know.” If you accept the fact that the “only truth” is what you can absolutely verify for yourself then you might find answers to questions that you never knew existed before. “Knowledge is power.” If you want to accept the education that has been hammered upon you then you have that right. However, those people that “want to make a difference” will build upon their “own” findings, and not those of others. Keep in mind that while television and radio can be “very insightful” a lot of this media is controlled by “those in power.” These people will use their own programs to “convince you to behave the way they want.” They will tell you who to vote for and they will attempt to modify  your views based on what they project. REAL history is not meant to be “modified.” In order to learn the truth, you need to start with your OWN reality. Find out about your own ancestry and customs that you “no longer have.” DNA tests are a great way to start. You may be surprised at “who and what” you really are… Then use that knowledge to determine the “real history that applies to you.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish  you the very best that life ha to offer.


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