Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Another one of my favorites”)

As most of you have probably figured out by now, I am one of those die hard music lovers who loves to keep “the soul of music intact.” I realize that I am probably outdated in my preferences and views but nevertheless I intend to stay true to my own form. Yes, music has changed so much over the years. Maybe one day the fashion and style of music can actually come back “full circle” to this, but for right now I am just glad that we still have the means to “access treasures like this from the past.” For what I heard, this group was riding high in popularity but decided that they didn’t want the giants of the radio industry to change or own them. Hence they were essentially “evicted” from the radio music scene with the exception of the songs that had already been accepted. This is only speculation and I have no means at all to verify any of this. I do know that somehow this group faded from view at what seemed to be the peak of their careers. This group had an “incredibly awesome arrangement” for this song and I don’t know of anyone who has yet matched their artistry. In my quest to make sure that great music is “gone but never forgotten” I present to you this vault gem from the past: Please check out “Blood Sweat and Tears… Spinning Wheel…”


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