Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Things some men need to know”)

During my lifetime I have talked to “many” people about many different things. I have heard from women and men alike on what they feel is important in a relationship. I am not trying to come off as Doctor Phil, but I thought I would put some things out here today that I think deserve consideration. Here are “things that some men need to know:”

  1. When it comes to starting a relationship with a woman, you need to use “more than just your eyes” when getting to know her. It’s great when a woman “looks awesome,” but there is more to her than just “her looks.” Take time to find out about those “other” things.
  2. Remember that most women have fathers who care about their daughters. You yourself may have a daughter that you want to make sure doesn’t get taken advantage of. If you want that for your own daughter, then you should apply that same concept when it comes to your own relationship.
  3. Please remember that good looking women “get hit on all the time” with all kinds of different lines. If you want to be viewed as “different” from other men, then at least make sure your approach is different. How can you expect a woman to notice you if you are behaving like ALL the other men who approach her?
  4. When it comes to forming a relationship that lasts a long time, please remember that the woman you start out with will not be the same woman you end up with. “Everyone changes” as they go through life, so if you expect her to remain the same way forever then that is not realistic thinking. By the way, “you” will change too.
  5. You need to remember that “no one” is perfect. She will have faults just like you will have faults. Her mistakes are no worse than yours.
  6. Know when to cut an argument or debate off. If the both of you are tired and frustrated, then chances are neither one of you is listening to the other. Even though it might make her angry for the evening, end the discussion and tell her that you’ll finish it the next day after when you both are calmer.
  7. Make sure that no matter how angry you get, try to end the evening with a smile. Differences are made to be resolved, and just knowing that you are not going to bed angry can make the biggest world of difference.
  8. Know that “a good woman is not necessarily a subservient woman.” No man needs a “yes woman.” If a woman beats up on you (not physically), it’s only because she wants you to be the man she “knows” you can be. Remember that behind “every great man there is a woman who helped make him that way.”
  9. There is absolutely “nothing wrong” with taking a break sometime. No, I am not talking about leaving and going away for days without contact. What I am saying is that sometimes “absence can make the heart grow fonder.” If you do something with your male friends, at least check in on your woman from time to time to help her feel more secure about it.
  10. Never EVER get so angry that you strike or hit a woman, no matter how much you feel she may be trying to push you there. Always remember that if you are extremely angry at that moment, she should “never” be able to “out-run you. Remember that a really good woman isn’t based on her money, her dress or her great sexual prowess. A woman is great when she has a “great heart.” Get to know the heart of your woman and let her know that you do care. If she can deal with your imperfections then maybe you should try dealing with hers. I gladly welcome any responses whether you agree of disagree. Thank you so much for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Actress Gabrielle Union and Brett Jolly

  1. Gabrielle Union and Brett Jolly

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