Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“If I were to run for President”)

I realize that being a Presidential candidate would not be easy. People will blast you with questions that are designed to get on your nerves (and chances are excellent that you have already answered these questions a million times already). Like everyone else, I have been following the elections and listening to all the rhetoric. Someone asked me the other day how I would handle running for President (which I doubt I would ever do, because I love being happy in my life). However, I answered first by saying that I would have to let all offensive comments roll off of me, because no matter who you are someone out there will have something negative to say about you. I will also make sure to have my platform promoted and I would need to make sure I have the answers to the issues that plague the voters. I would not want to get into talks about issues that separate us. All this talk I hear about people’s wives is so ridiculous to me. I would not want to try to tarnish anyone’s reputation. Instead, I would  build up my own reputation by accenting the positives that I believe I would accomplish. I would remain loose but confident (because a lot of people love it when a candidate “looks Presidential.” I would be willing to talk to “all” groups pro or con to see if we can settle on a major objective together. My first focus would be to try to forget about the bad things that transpired in the past, for there is nothing that either of us can do to change those. I would cater to the needs of the people, and NOT just to the needs of my particular party. As far as the economy goes, I would work on the things that would make life affordable. Keeping gas prices down would be “extremely important” because most people “feel the crunch every time gas goes up in price. I would also invest in more programs, recreation centers and libraries  because most of the people in jail are there because they had nothing else positive to focus on and they gave up on hope. When a youngster growing up has no activity, that child will make his or her “own activity” and that could evolve into something negative or illegal. With programs like sports camps, computer training and social events people can devote their energies into things that are helpful as opposed to being a hindrance. As  powerful as the NRA is, I would still try to work with it so that we can have stronger background checks on troubled individuals. We shouldn’t have to worry about some crazed lunatic shooting off guns just because we want to make it easy to make a sale. I would reach out to the leaders of foreign countries to see what we can compromise on to make this world better. As for the terrorist groups, I would give them the opportunity to meet with us to end all the killings. I would listen to their side of the story while letting them know that we will NOT tolerate any more senseless killing. I would let them know that ALL acts of violence must cease and warn them of the consequences if they do not. A President has to make decisions that effect the lives of all families. While I would hate to go to war with anyone, I would do all I can to ensure the safety of the people. For the record, I am not trying to judge any of the candidates in today’s Daily Thought. Instead I am only hoping to shed light on the things that I would love to see happen in this race. Who we vote for will decide the fate of this country. If we are to be “great” then we need great people with great ideas. No, I will not be running for any office, but  hopefully the candidate I vote for will be able to address my views… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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