Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“How to improve your singing voice”)

Some people are meant to sing. Others wish they could sing. I often hear from people who will ask me about tips for improving their abilities to sing. Please keep in mind that I am only a bass guitar player  who happens to sing. I am not a singer who happens to play bass guitar. When I first started out I was not singing at all, and I only got into it once I started playing with some band that “asked” me to sing. I must admit that I enjoyed it, but I also knew that I was no where near those talented people who sing “professionally.” Or was I? After a while I started to study those people who “played and sang at the same time.”  I then changed the way I performed to accommodate that style and it has helped me tremendously. For those of you who wish to sing I would strongly suggest you follow the same procedure. Small mechanics could be getting in your way for improving your vocals. Here are some interesting tips below:

Also, please keep in mind that what you sing is no where near as important as what you “hear.” No matter how great a singer you are, if you can’t place your vocals within the key of the song you will have problems. I know of several singers who are gifted vocally but have difficulty finding their “ranges.” Many artists will change the key of the song so they can sing it. I am not a big fan of altering the keys (most musicians aren’t). Sometimes a song loses its impact when that happens. I often tell singers that if you don’t feel comfortable singing in that key then just “leave the song alone.” The most important thing I tell singers is to “learn your voice.” Once you are familiar with how you sound and your strengths and weaknesses then you will automatically become a better singer. It helps to view recordings or videos or yourself to see what you need to work on. I am “still” working on improving my singing voice, but I have made some great strides over the years. I soon hope to get an even better microphone (that helps as well, because if you have to strain to sing then it will reflect in how people perceive you). Just because you “think” you can’t sing doesn’t mean that you really can’t do it.  There are proper ways and techniques for doing anything. Just learn them and see what can happen. Thanks for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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