Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“What is the purpose behind terrorism?”)

I realize that this might sound like I am confused, but I actually did a search on why terrorists commit such violent acts like the ones that just happened in Brussels and Paris last year. While it is difficult for me to imagine someone doing this without a reason, it is also difficult for me to imagine that we don’t even “know” what this reason is. When you dedicate yourself to killing others it is even more baffling to tie it in with your religious beliefs. I don’t think I know of “any religion that advocates killing.” There is a lot of anger in the world and when someone feels that the world has mistreated him or her then frustration and resentment can set in.While I can understand being angry I just can’t understand the need to take out your frustrations on innocent people who are not responsible for your anger. I would love to hear from “anyone” who can explain to me the “need” for setting off bombs. After all, if you are trying to send a message, wouldn’t it at least help if we “knew” what that message was? I Googled this concept and found several different theories, but nothing really “concrete or conclusive.” The obvious thought that comes to mind is that we must have previously “done something” to set them off. Resentment usually comes from blaming others. I have heard that being a suicide bomber offers paradise to those seeking it, but if this is not stated in their religious writings, then where do they get this concept from? Also, dead men tell no tales. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to your cause to have your story told and known? There have been religious leaders who have led scores of people to disastrous consequences (Jim Jones in Guyana for example). In order to deal with these people we need to first “understand” them and their concepts. As I have said, I would love to hear from “anyone” who can explain to me “why” these people are so angry, and what they hope these violent acts will resolve. The first step in resolving anything is through communication, and as long as we lack it then the world will always suffer tragedies like this. There are people who “want” to hear your story. The least you could do is “tell it.” Thank you so much for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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A “very far away view” of Chaka Khan and Brett Jolly in concert (Brett is to far left)



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