Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“How long after separation should you date again?”)

Gospel superstar Israel Houghton has been vilified over his new relationship with TV host Adrienne Bailon. Houghton did admit to cheating on his wife and also featured Bailon in  his video “I’m in love with a church girl.” Many assumed that the singer cheated on his wife “WITH Ms. Bailon” while he was “still married.” However, in a recent interview the singer put out his own statement on that subject, dismissing all rumors. Here is the link to that story:

Today’s Daily Thought isn’t really about Houghton’s relationship. He already admitted to cheating, so should it really matter “who” he cheated with? The main issue is that Houghton is “no less human than the rest of us.” I have yet to meet the person who has led the “perfect life.” What I wanted to talk about today is  “How long should you wait to start a new relationship after your separation or divorce? There are many people who would be “appalled” over the fact that someone would start another relationship immediately after ending one. I can’t speak for everyone, but as far as I know, happiness and love has never had a time element placed on it. True, people should take time to get to know one another before making things official, but there are couples who have been married well over 25 years who “still” don’t know each other yet. I would never tell anyone to “rush” into a meaningful relationship, but I don’t know how much time you would need to wait either. I believe that the determining factors should be place more on the “qualitative aspects” as opposed to the “quantitative aspects.” In other words, it shouldn’t be based on a numerical value, but rather on the substance of what you do and how you do it. What you feel is just as important as why you feel. When you start dating “on the rebound” then you need to make sure you are doing so “out of love instead of doing so just to fill a need.” As long as no one is feeling used then your relationship stands a good chance of making it. As for the Israel Houghton story, he is correct when stating that there are a LOT more important things to deal with in life rather than his new relationship. Without knowing his full circumstances I will not be the one to hold judgment on him or anyone else. That will come from a much “higher authority.” In the meantime, we should note that “tomorrow is not promised to anyone.” If you have the chance to love today (and that love is truly authentic) then who cares what other people think? Just make sure to use your head as well as your heart… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Lalah Hathaway and Kim Burrell at sound check with Brett Jolly

Lalah Hathaway and Kim Burell


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