Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Election year poetry from the Phantom Poet”)

It is that time of year… We have to listen to all these political candidates tell us about how we need to vote for them in order to make this country better. We get to hear all these insults with promises that we “know” will not be kept once these people are elected to office. Some of it can be good entertainment but some of it is so crazy. No matter who you intend to vote for, these debates are the equivalent of attending the circus. In today’s Daily Thought, the Phantom Poet will leave no candidate undone. This is the election year, so please welcome the Phantom Poet:

We are privileged to take part in voting on this year of election

To see which candidate will fully take us all in the wrong direction

Each with his or her own platform that they intend to sell

Trying to convince us all that this country is slowly going to hell

Some of these candidates have done crimes but suffered no arraignment

Now they are promoting what’s right, and this is “real entertainment”

In a world where we all should learn to love our sister and brother

We know these guys are greatest when it comes to insulting each other

While the voter tries to determine which one of them is ideal and true

We all should know that to deceive and lie is what a politician will do

Waiting for the primaries so you can listen to the sound

It feels the same as if the circus is coming to town

They tackle topics like foreign policy, immigration and terror

In hopes that none of their words are taken in error

They all seem to want one thing…They need a vote from you

Please let them know it is not about what they say, but rather what they do

You can make your own  decision and have it ready today

but we all know that at some point we will regret that decision anyway.

Some of  them try to convince you that their commitment is increased

I just say vote for the candidate “that embarrasses you the least”

Please give a standing ovation to the Phantom Poet, and have a great day

Stephanie Mills and Brett Jolly

Stephanie Mills and Brett Jolly







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