Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Continuing to grow”)

Are you one of those people who believe that once you reach a certain age that you have “reached your limit?” Do you think that once you are settled in life that you no longer need to learn or accomplish anything new? Is your life now set and stagnant? I am a firm believer that there should “never be any limit” to the things you want to accomplish in life. I think that we all can still constantly learn from others and from your own experiences. The best part is that a lot of information you can learn can be found from your “own phone.” If you have internet on your phone then you can simply Google just about any information you desire. For my phone I can just “talk” into it and ask any question, and the internet will provide me with the answers I seek. While I am idle I can learn just about  anything new. The other day I inquired into “What really happened to Hitler’s body?” and was surprised at the information provided that I never knew before. I have found that you can Google just about anything you want to know and through that process you can continue to educate yourself during your own free time. When it came to my guitar playing, I found that I could increase my own skills through watching how others do it. I found that I could actually improve my playing through learning ” how not to look at my instrument while playing.” This allows me to concentrate on singing and playing a lot easier (because now I no longer have to worry about finger placement). Also, this helped me to play with better feeling for each note with an improved focus. Now I am at the point where I can watch television or even hold a conversation while playing because my hands are “automatically” tuned into the notes on my guitar. I can even lay down, close my eyes and still play the show at the stage where I am now. I am saying this because I believe anyone can still continue to “grow” at any stage of their lives. Many will limit themselves because when they accept the word “can’t”then they are already setting their own “boundaries.” If you believe the sky is the limit, then aim for the stars.” Even if you don’t make it, you might surprise yourself at how far beyond your own limitations you can go. You should owe it to yourself to at least “find out.” I am still growing and expanding. If I can do it, then I believe “anyone can…” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and today I hope all your dreams are “without limitation.”


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The Stylistics and Brett Jolly in concert




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