Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Can streaming revive the music industry?”)

Kanye West recently announced that he is giving up on making CD’s. Of course, there seems to be a “lot” of things that Kanye has given up on recently, but let’s examine this new revelation closer. The music industry has been trying to sell CD’s for years but it’s efforts have not been very successful. Music giants like Tower Records and Sam Goodies went out of business years ago because people stopped buying from them. Check out the link below to hear Kanye’s story:

New stations like Spotify are streaming music. Apple I-tunes offers downloads. Most of the young folk I know of will download the tunes they want online. Will Kanye’s move signify the “end” of the music CD? Needless to say, the internet has imperiled the music industry for quite some time now. When it became apparent that people could share files online, that sparked the decline of CD music sales. It was already doomed when people began to realize that the music labels were selling CD’s with just one good song on them and making the customer pay for all the other “bad material that came along with it.”  With downloading, you can get the “one good song you want” and not have to pay to buy the whole thing in a “package.” However, will the “extinction” of the music CD be enough to revive the industry? None of the artists today sell like the artists of yesterday. Years ago you used to hear of major artists albums going “platinum” while making millions in sales. They would receive an actual “platinum record” to signify this accomplishment. Those days seem to be “long gone now…” When it comes to downloads, I think you can purchase a song for somewhere around $ 2.00. Of course, the artist himself won’t make a lot of money off of that sale because of the high overheard of having to promote your song. They have to pay the DJ’s to play it, they have to pay to market it, they have to give away free samples to promote it, and once all that is done there probably isn’t much left from that $2.00 to sustain a good living. You can actually hear my own music on Spotify (I discovered this recently… I didn’t even know they had me in their system). In the very near future, it will be interesting to see what happens to the industry as we now know it. The music labels still “own” the conventional radio stations so you will still never get to hear the best music (only the best music that money can buy) and they have been struggling as well. Maybe the change is a good thing, or maybe this is just another bad chapter in the “collapse and fall of the music world.” I guess we will just have to stay tuned to see. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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New generation artist Tyrese (with Brett Jolly playing behind him left side of picture)

Tyrese and Brett 1



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