Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Could you vote for a woman president?)

I know how this sounds, but this is really “NOT” an official support for Hillary Clinton. I had a discussion the other day about electing candidates for the Presidency, and this one guy told me that he could “never ever” vote for a woman to be President. For the sake of curiosity I asked him why and his response was, “Women are way too emotional. They get upset easily and we could go to war at a moment’s notice based on their fluctuating moods. They are too unbalanced with their hormones.” I looked at his face while he was saying this and then started to realize that this man was actually “serious about this.” I paused for a moment and then decided to ask him this question, “Does that mean that you think all the other men running for this office are balanced?” At least he had the resolve to shake his head “no” to that one. According to him though, he did not have any personal bias against Hillary Clinton whatsoever, but he honestly believed that “no woman” should ever hold a post as high as the Presidency. He said that some of the other world powers would “never respect” a woman in such a high position because of their own faiths and customs. I told him that the same thing was thought when we elected a minority to the Presidency and look what happened there. I told them that ALL Presidents have their own cabinets and before rushing into any war they all would convene together in the decision process, so it should never just be about her alone. I also alerted him to the fact that at one point years ago people thought that no woman should ever be allowed to vote either. They also were not allowed to hold high positions in companies and many men fear woman who are self supported with high educations. I told him that he will never know what a woman can accomplish until he first “gives her the chance to show it.”  As I said, this is NOT an endorsement for Hillary, but for “women in general.” I even divulged to him that in many situations a woman might be “even BETTER” qualified to hold such a high position in office. When we let our own prejudices limit us then we can never grow. I will never be afraid to make a woman president “just because she is female.”  I only want to vote for the “BEST candidate” and the gender makes absolutely difference to me. I am sharing this today because I just wondered if anyone reading this felt the same way… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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