Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Student shares naked photo of teacher. Who is to blame?:)

In Union County, South Carolina, and interesting story came to light. Leigh Ann Arthur, a teacher at the school, was on patrol duty when a 16 year old student decided to rummage through her phone to find her private pictures. The teacher had a nude pic of herself that she gave to her husband for Valentines Day that the student found. The student then shared the photo through text and social media. To see the story, click on the link below:

Now the real question here is, “Who is at fault?” We all know the student was wrong in what he or she did, but does the teacher share “any sense of responsibility” for leaving her phone unattended?

Union County School District interim Superintendent David Eubanks said that she either had the choice to go through the dismissal process or resign since it was determined she shouldered some of the responsibility to keep those “inappropriate” pictures private.

However, was she really responsible? If the pictures were in her phone, shouldn’t they have been considered “private?” The teacher has since resigned, but there is a petition to get her back. Would it have been proper to dismiss her for the illegal actions of a student? If the student had broken into her car or her home to get the pictures, would that still mean that she was at fault? What if the student illegally went into the woman’s restroom to photograph her? Would that mean that the teacher would be at fault simply because the door wasn’t locked? I don’t blame this woman for not ever wanting to go back, but in this world of modern technology and enhanced social media  she is only one of many victims out there. There are cameras everywhere. There are people who can intercept your phone messages as you text them.  Your information is not as private as you may think it is. This incident was a very unfortunate one, but in my opinion I don’t think the teacher should share “any” of the blame. Yes, she should have kept her phone with her. Yes, she should have had it locked so that it no one could access it, but I don’t think she violated any ethics that warranted her dismissal. I only hope that she can recover from this scandal and go back to a normal life of teaching kids. I hope we all can learn that we may need to go to more stringent steps to secure our own privacy. Keep your phone with you and never leave it unattended. Also make sure that if you are finished with anything secret on your phone, be sure to delete it before someone else finds it  Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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My good friend Norman Conners (who also shared my birthday of March 1) Brett Jolly and saxophonist Benny Barksdale

Norman Connors Benny and Brett


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