Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The importance of establishing your brand”)

In today’s world you are only as good as your promotion. In other words, if people don’t know about you, then your chances for advancing  your career will not seem sufficient in most cases. While talent and ability can make you great, without any promotion no one will know about you. Everything that involves money and success needs promotion. For vocalists, I always say that “A great singer who performs in the middle of the woods does no good for anyone unless people know he or she is in there.” That just means that the word needs to be put out so that people can know who you are and what you do. Years ago the McDonald’s fast food franchise become vastly popular. The rise in popularity didn’t come from them having the best food, but rather through advertising and promotion (using a clown  and other characters to boost sales). Mercedes Benz became popular through shrewd advertising establishing their vehicles as luxury cars. If you want to rise to higher levels, then you need to promote your own brand. For example, years ago I had to make a big choice. I was scheduled to go on tour in Brazil with Billy Paul (He sang the legendary song “Me and Mrs. Jones”). It would have been nice to go to Brazil, but I was also offered the opportunity to play with an orchestra for a  big PBS special entitled “Love Train: The Sound of Philadelphia.” Both events were scheduled during the same times. Here are the particulars: I would have spent two weeks in Brazil and I would have made sufficient money for two weeks. However, by doing the PBS special I made more money “in one day” than I would have made for the entire Brazil tour. Also, by doing the special, I was seen A LOT on television and that helped to promote my brand. Needless to say, I left Billy Paul to do this show, and it was the “best PR decision I ever made.” People STILL remember me from the show I did  and my stock raised considerably from it. In our lives we are bound to come across tough decisions. You can always take the “sure fire thing” and make the safe decision, but if you expect to grow then sometimes you need to “take a chance.” Promotion is never a guarantee, but if done right it could make the biggest difference in what people know about you. You can “dare to be great” if you have the confidence to establish your brand. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Billy Paul and Brett Jolly in concert



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