Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The influence of music”)

I don’t think that most people realize that their day can actually be “altered” by the “quality and the content” of the music they choose to listen to. When you think about it, you might even be able to control the outcome of your whole day by your “choices of music.” For instance, have you ever smiled greatly whenever you heard your “favorite song” played on the radio? Do you remember how good you felt when you heard it? Do you remember hearing a song that was a hit during a bad time of your life? Did hearing that song again make you “relive” those awful moments? Many underestimate the power that music actually has. For example, kids who listen to hard thumping music with radical lyrics are more prone to commit acts of violence. Many department stores will play soft music through the intercom system to project a more pleasant (and quieter) atmosphere. Tunes with inspirational messages (for example “Ain’t no stopping us now”) have been known to motivate and inspire people to challenge insurmountable odds.Why am I saying this? I say this because I think we can control more of our positive energy from the music we listen to. I will often listen to different stations to get different styles of music. I remember a couple of times listening to a particular station and actually getting depressed from all the bad material being played. As soon as I switched to a better station my outlook felt much better. How many of you have gone to a good concert and once it was finished you wished you had learned how to play or sing? That’s because “music is expression…” Whenever I do a show and the “bass is pumping through the system and the audience is really enjoying it” I seize the moment and “really get into it.” I will move, bob, jump up and down and even spin around if the vibe hits me just right. Just knowing that I am controlling the happy emotions of the crowd inspires me to “take it to the next level.” That is why I love being a musician and performer. If you are listening to music that is depressing you, then now might be the time to “make a change.” Only you know what works for your day to feel right, so you have the power to alternate your personal universe through the music you seek. If you like, try it one day and just see if it makes a difference in your outlook. You just might be “pleasantly” surprised. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Chubby Checker (“The Twist”) and Brett Jolly

chubby checker


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