Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Is it right for Trump to boycott debate?”)

I just recently heard that Presidential hopeful Donald Trump decided to pull out of the “pre-Iowa Fox debate because he didn’t feel he would be treated fairly. Many are wondering if this move will “help or hurt” him. I love to ponder events like this and I came up with my “own” conclusions. First, the people who “already decided” to vote for Trump most likely “won’t change their minds now.” If everything else he said so far hasn’t scared them off, then I highly doubt that what he “won’t say” will change much of anything. Will it help the other candidates who have been lagging behind him in the polls? That will depend largely on how they seize this opportunity. Their chances of being heard and taken seriously should be greatly enhanced without Trump there to steal the spotlight, but the question here is “What can they do with it?”. Here is an article explaining things in more detail:

Trump is not the first candidate to skip a debate. Others have done so and even won convincingly afterwards. Is it “right” for Trump to skip this debate? I can only say this much: If you have aspirations of becoming President you “have to know” that people are going to “come after you.” Donald himself “shot barbs” to President Obama when he ran, often complaining that he was not a natural born citizen of the United States (which was later proven to be unfounded). Trump himself has tossed plenty of negativity towards others (which I think has actually helped him gain leverage and advantage in the polls). He is now supported by Sarah Palin, the “political queen of negativity.” I would not be surprised if somehow she becomes his “Vice Presidential running mate” should he win the nomination. However, in this business if you can “dish it out” then you had better be prepared to “take it.” Mr. Trump has words for everybody, so he needs to expect that people will “punch back.” The fact that he is considered the front runner makes him even more of a viable target. I can’t tell Trump how to handle his candidacy. “No one can.” His blatant disregard for anything that doesn’t agree with him has actually made him “more popular than ever.” Whether you like him or not, he is great entertainment and riding that wave to the nomination. He is like that old Charmin bathroom tissue commercial (the one that stated “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin”). At one point they voted that commercial to be one of the worst commercials ever produced, and yet their sales escalated because of it. Trump’s campaign is following in the same footsteps. You can say what you want about him, but he does not lack for “confidence.” That is what most leaders need to have. The question now is whether or not his confidence has morphed into “arrogance.” Time… and votes… will tell…”  Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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