Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Is it worth it to dye your hair?”)

For the record, today’s daily thought has nothing to do with those younger women who like “variety.” They have every right to change hair colors, makeup and even hair styles to differentiate their looks and they will get “no complaint” from me whatsoever. The other day I had a talk with someone in reference to people who get older and decide to “dye” the color of their hair to eliminate or hide greying. I know that from my personal viewpoint I never had a problem with a woman coloring over the natural tone of her hair. However, I have seen some men go through it and wondered if it seemed as natural for us. My barber (yes, I still go to one… thank you) decided to touch my mustache up with hair dye the other day. I had never done this before, so I asked him whether or not I should continue to use it. He said that for my line of work I should and that there was nothing wrong with it. He said that most people who get older in life have an image to maintain and now I am at the stage where I should start considering it.  When I looked at it afterwards I no longer felt like myself, but he did say that it would take some getting used to at first. I spoke to all my close friends (including my family) and asked them to give me their real personal opinion. They said that it wasn’t that noticeable and that I should try it. Well, the jury is still out but I am leaning in that direction. A lot of the big name celebrities that I played for did the “hair dye” thing and I just happened to notice because when you play “behind them” you can often see where the color lines change in the back of their heads (and no, I will not mention their names here). As for women, they can always get away with it and look more natural than most men do. As we all get older we do have options. I have no problem with growing old naturally but I will listen if someone makes a valid suggestion. Each year I ask my daughter if I can still get away with wearing one of those muscle shirts and so far she has said that it still works for me. She will, however, let me know when the summer comes when it is time to start “hiding things.” Life is precious… life if valuable… Life is to be enjoyed at any age. Live your life as though you “feel 20.” You earned that right… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Brett Jolly with actress Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union and Brett Jolly