Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The real definition of a friend”)

For me, this is nothing personal against anyone I know. However, I do know of someone who recently went through trials and tribulations over a lost friendship. When it comes to friends, there are different kinds. Let’s explore… Some are friends to only a certain extent. These people will do for you, but not if it ever inconveniences him or her. Once that happens they no longer know you. Then there are friends who will befriend you only so they can talk about you to someone else. These are the gossip friends who basically use the events of your life for their own entertainment when dealing with others. You just may not know it now. There are also friends who only keep you around as long as it benefits them. They only care about you if you listen to their life events and sympathize with all that is happening with them. Once the topic gets turned to you it immediately becomes a “very short story.” Then there is the “pretend friend.” This lovely individual wants “you and everybody you know” to think that you are really great friends, even though they don’t give a hoot about you. These friends are “so false.” Then there is the “suction friend.” These talented people will remain your friend until they “suck you dry” of all the things they “want” from you. They never give, they only “get.” These people you need to be able to recognize, because if you don’t this friendship will “always result in an unhappy ending.”

A real friend is someone who will realize that “no one is perfect.” This type of friend will not try to control you, but rather advise, guide (if necessary) and sympathize with all that you may be going through. He or she will not be so quick to criticize, but rather be the shoulder you need to cry on  or the ear that is needed to listen when you need to vent. When you are at your lowest point, he or she will focus on you rather than talk about themselves. A real friend will understand what you are going through, and will sacrifice in order to help you in time of need. This is a person who has your back, and will go to war with you when necessary. A real friend is “unconditional…”

We all need friends… If we lose someone that we “thought” was a real friend then the question automatically becomes “Was this person a real friend in the first place?” Unless the matter is so huge that the results are irreversible then a real friend won’t abandon you. People come into our lives and leave our lives as we continue to grow. Just because you lose one friend doesn’t mean that you can’t find another. Don’t shut yourself out from the world….There is a lot more out there to experience… Patience can be your greatest virtue… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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