Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Who REALLY recorded the very first rap record?”)

I recently had a discussion with someone over which song should be declared the “first true” rap song every recorded and released. According to Billboard magazine, the first rap song ever was a tune by a group named “Blondie” entitled “Rapture.” To me, the rap in the middle of this song is so lame that I “cringe” every time I hear it. However, I disagree with Billboard on this one. Many people will say that a song by the Fatback band entitled King Tim III was the first original rap song released. That may be true as well. I think I can say that the “biggest” early rap song in terms of fame belonged to a group called the Sugar Hill Gang, and that song was simply entitled “Rappers Delight.”

Most people will leave this discussion here, but I still beg to differ. I invite you to Google a song by James Brown entitled “Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m proud.” In this song, James talks (or raps, if you prefer) throughout the entire track. Why this song was never put in contention is beyond me. It was actually “released” in August of 1968 and I can only suggest that because of the political impact of the lyrics the song was probably pushed aside. All of this is worthy of discussion, but I will go back even further with this. There was a poet by the name of Nikki Giovanni who actually released her poems to music. This was done during the 1960’s and while her musical tunes mainly reached only African American audiences, her lack of crossover fame may have impaired her from consideration as the first black rap artist. This debate may be able to go back even further, but for right now I will stop here. Maybe you can come up with someone that I forgot to mention. It was a great discussion and I thank you for checking out my Daily Thought. As always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer.