Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (” A special holiday poem from the Phantom Poet”)

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land,
Global warming seemed to be just one of the issues at hand,
When trying to explain these causes, others want you to “can it,”
As long as they make a profit, who cares about saving the planet?
We fight among each other, and yet we are not quite sure why
We bomb our brothers and sisters, and we destroy planes in the sky,
We kill innocent people, and here are the real error twists,
Both sides think of the other as being the true terrorists.
We rationalize invading other countries without any true deduction
Then wonder why we couldn’t find any “weapons of mass destruction”
When we fight against the radicals of the Islamic State, here is our decision
Instead of blaming a select few, we place the fault on the “entire religion”
Here in the States Donald Trump seems to be the new sensation
Because he wants to deport ALL immigrants when it comes to immigration
Here is a real troubling stat for any and all concerned souls
He is against women, minorities and the media, and yet he “still” leads the polls?
Here in the states we worry about terrorists abroad killing us on any given day
and yet we are creating “many” terrorists at home now, thanks to the “NRA”
Any crazed individual can get firearms to kill, but aw, what the heck
As long as the NRA makes money, why worry about a background check?
“Pro lifers” are against abortions, because they want to preserve “all” life as they know
So where are all these people when it comes to all the inmates “on death row?”
If Obama introduced a bill claiming that “water is wet,” we know who will disrespect it
Even though it may be true, we know that ALL Republicans will “reject it”
Santa sees what we are doing, and he would like to say this to any individual soul
When it comes to being good boys and girls, ALL your butts are “getting coal”
“On Donald, on Clinton, on Assad and Putin”
If you are expecting Santa tonight, there may be some disputin’
“You ALL have been bad children and even though many of you may scoff
This is ONE year that I feel compelled to just take the night off”
Even though during this time of year over the universe I usually roam
“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… but I think I will decide to “stay home…”

from the Phantom Poet