Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Are you feeling the spirit yet?”)

During this time of year a lot of different emotions go through  my head. The other day (December 14) was the anniversary of my mother’s death (Rowena Jolly, who passed from ovarian cancer in 2004). I remember the fact that this date was “so close” to the Christmas holiday, and when we actually tried to celebrate it that year, the atmosphere felt so different and empty. Truth be told, even now the memory still has a lingering effect on us all. We are a “very tight and close family” and we realize that we are extremely blessed to still have the blessings we have. My father is 84 years old and still very sharp. I have my kids and loved ones in my life and I am thankful for that. However, sometimes it is a little tougher to get the actual “spirit of the holidays” and that is really what all of this should be about. I find that whenever I give money to someone homeless or unemployed on the street it helps to bring me to that level. I have encountered friends who have not felt the spirit of the holiday as well, and if possible I try to be an inspiration to them. The holidays will not mean the same to everyone. Some people will be depressed because they have no money. Others will be sad because they have no family left to celebrate with. Some will just be upset because they will not get what they feel they should have. People will search all around to find the true spirit of the holiday when they only need to “look within themselves.” As tough as this is to understand, it is not about what you get but rather about what you are willing to give. If you don’t have anything (and a lot of people don’t) then  the most valuable gift you  can render (that won’t cost you anything) is to just tell someone you love them. I can promise you that there are people out there who have a serious need to hear that, and just saying that to someone in need might make all the difference to him or her. Yes, I realize that some people will disagree totally with what I am saying, but the ones who disagree are usually the ones who are in real need of the spirit in the first place. In fact, writing on this topic has already lifted my spirit. I’m good now. Today I am blessed, and if you are able to read this then you are too. Being broke is not a sin, and loving someone should not be considered taboo. Some will get the message and others will ignore it. Which one applies to you? I thank you for reading my Daily Thought, and as always I wish the very best of any blessings that life has to offer.


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Jill Scott and Brett Jolly in concert



One thought on “Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Are you feeling the spirit yet?”)

  1. Thanks Brett. Your daily thoughts are helping allot of people. Your mom was a great women. I am glad that I had the chance to know her. God is Always Able Amen.

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