Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“When a woman has to choose between her faith and sexual activity”)

I had some “really great responses” to yesterday’s topic about erectile dysfunction and depression, but one woman in particular wanted me to post about her “female situation” today. This woman (who will remain nameless) grew up “loving and honoring the Lord.” Because of her deep rooted love for God, she literally “saved herself” for the day she would get married. When growing up she “never had any” sexual activity or intercourse by her own design. However, complications arose because her body”physically shut it’s doors” due to the “inactivity.” The way she described it to me, the doctor said that her only choices were to “physically engage in sexual intercourse” or to get an operation called a “hymenectomy.” This is defined as “the surgical removal of the hymen.” All she needed was to engage in sexual intercourse with a male, but because of her deep rooted faith she chose the hymenectomy instead. I reached out to her and said “knowing what you know now, was it all worth it?” She did admit that if she had to do it all over again she probably would have done things “differently.” Given this revelation and the reference to yesterday’s topic, I would love to know if (1) there are any other women out there who saved themselves sexually for marriage and (2) if it was “worth the wait” when they did. Faith is a “strong component to have” when living your life, and I would personally “not” want to try to persuade “any” female to give up her faith and her body if she didn’t believe in it. However, I do know of at least two women who actually saved themselves sexually for the men they married, and when talking to them afterwards they both pretty much said the same thing. In both situations  the women eventually got divorced. Also, when they got married and “consummated their marriages with sex both said that the experience was not what they imagined it would be and they would “not” have done things the same way if they could do it over. I realize that these are only 2 women’s experiences, but I also believe it may be difficult to actually find more women out there who literally saved themselves sexually for marriage. I am not trying to judge anyone, but from what I know these seem to be very rare circumstances. How far should a woman go to cling to her faith? This was a very good topic and I wanted to share it today to see if anyone agrees or disagrees with this situation. We all have the right to make our own choices in life, but does that mean that we all will be happy with the choices we make? Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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