Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“One of my favorite old funky groove songs”)

I have always loved this song. Obviously it was written about an old small town in Texas. I did Google the name and found that this place “actually does exist,” and from what was said it happened to be Tina’s home town. While this song has a nice funky groove, this video seems to lack a lot. Tina does a great job, but Ike “just sits there on a stool playing the acoustic guitar.” He doesn’t even change his expression.¬† He has this look as though to say “She had better not mess this up or I will deal with her later.” I did find out that the music was indeed written by Ike, even though he seems to lose any significance in the video. The tough part of this video is when the synthesizer solo comes in during the middle of the song. Tina¬† doesn’t sing on this part, and Ike is not the one playing the solo, so the cameraman really doesn’t have anyone to focus on while this is happening. Of course, there are no other band members present, so that only leads to the speculation that for this video the song was lip synced. However, this is a great song and an awesome vocal performance by Tina Turner. I hope you enjoy this tune and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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