Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“A TRULY underrated song…”)

In my “opinion” this has to be one of the “most underrated songs of all time.” Lyrically and musically this song touches me and I just can’t understand why it wasn’t more popular during it’s time. For those of you who are “young enough” to know the artist, he had a couple of other hits, but as far as I am concerned this one “should” have been his “biggest.” In this video I love the whole “black and white vibe” of it. The only problem with the credibility of this song is that the artist is actually singing with an acoustic guitar around his neck (making people believe that he is “really going to PLAY it”). However, until the very “last 3 chords of the song” he “doesn’t strum it at all.” Sorry, but for my own edification, I am just doing to say that he “didn’t play it” (and only wore it for the “look”). His vocal performance is great, and the songwriting of this song was “very well done.” I realize this is just my opinion, but this song is one of my “favorites.” If you don’t agree I “respect your opinion.” Today for my Daily Thought I would love to present to you “George Michael” performing “Kissing a Fool.”


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