Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Users”)

Over this past weekend I had a talk with someone about “people who like to take advantage of others.” These types of people will “use you” for their own benefits while “pretending to care about you.” Their ultimate goal is to “aid themselves” but “never you.” I think  just about everyone knows someone in this category who fits this description. The problem isn’t the fact that these people are selfish when it comes to  you. The real problem is that we often”empower” these people  to act that way against us. We “want” these people to be our friends (when deep inside we already know that they just don’t have it in them). They get away with abusing our friendship only because “we allow it.” The sad part is that it hurts every time we deal with them. The very first step needed (and the most difficult step to take) is to “recognize” who and what you are dealing with.” If you invite a rattlesnake into your home repeatedly, can you blame it if it decides to eventually bite you? The same can be said for “users.” Most times these people think you are either stupid, easy to manipulate, naive or just plain weak (or maybe even all of the above). In order to set these people straight you often have to show them someone that they “didn’t think existed.” In other words, if they think you are weak, you have to show them that you will fight back when pushed to your limit. You may have to chew them out (and do so loudly). Users are surprised when this happens because they never thought you “had it in you.” There are many people who love to “push your buttons” because that is their way of controlling you. They don’t deserve to  have that kind of power over you. If you have someone who always wants you to do for them but never wants to do anything for you then you have a user. If you have someone who only wants to talk about themselves but never wants to hear about your day then you have a user. If you have a friend who only bothers with you whenever he or she has a personal problem then you have a user. If you have a friend that you only hear from whenever he or she wants to borrow something (and of course never return it) then you have a user. Most time these people are “right under our noses” and yet we have problems identifying them. If you want to make your life much simpler then all you need to do is give users their “walking papers.” You will never know how good it feels until you are finally rid of them. You deserve better… Now all you have to do is “believe it yourself.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Dionne Warwick (Brett Jolly in background) in concert



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