Brett Jolly’s Dailly Thought (“A parent’s impact on a child’s life”)

When I was a little boy I could not understand why my parents would not let me go outside late at night to play with the other boys on the street. They would tell me that I couldn’t go and I would get highly depressed from it, because the other parents on the block wouldn’t care about letting their boys go out at any time of the evening. A lot of those boys ridiculed me for being a “momma’s boy.” Well, eventually I grew up (or at least I think I did) and now I can “fully understand why” my parents did what they did. A lot of the boys that hung out at night got into trouble. They had nothing else to do so some of them engaged in vandalism, some got involved in drugs and some even went to prison. If I had been with them then I might have fallen into trouble just like they did and my life could have been much different for me today. You see, when I had to stay at home, I had nothing else to do but draw, watch television and play piano. Playing the piano became a major part of my life, because now I am a full fledged musician, playing professionally. If I had not had to stay at home so much then this outcome could have turned out differently. I am saying this because as parents we sometimes have to “think for our children.” We may not always be able to give them “what they want,” but it is a necessity for us to give them “what they need.” Just because kids want to hang with their buddies doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to. Parents need to be able to “see the things that our kids can’t.” My parents were “very observant” and while I often didn’t like the “stringent hand” they ruled with, I can honestly say that because of them I am a better person today. As tough as it is to be a parent, we have to provide a suitable atmosphere for our kids to grow and learn. My kids know that they can come to me about anything (but that does NOT mean that I am going to give them “everything”). Your children are our future. Their outcomes reflect on “us.” Love your child with a special concern and be there for whenever your child needs you. It may make the biggest difference in both of your lives… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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