Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The tradition of Halloween”)

Here in the United States a lot of us will celebrate the yearly tradition of “Halloween” (I believe it is tomorrow, October 31). During this time, a lot of kids (and many adults) will dress up in costumes, go ringing doorbells and blurt out those famous words “Trick or treat” so they can receive candy (or some other form of eatable treats). This tradition has gone on for years and for most people it is just “tradition.” Unfortunately, the tradition has been damaged through incidents of tainted food and people who have claimed the event promotes the devil and evil spirits. I used to see a lot of kids come to our door but over the past few years it appears that fewer are coming. I understand those who talk about how “demonic” this event is and I don’t want to debate anyone who sees it this way. However, on the “surface” it is a chance for kids to do something fun and playful, and I just don’t see the harm in that. When you explain all that demon stuff to young children, most of them don’t care. If anyone wants to worship the devil, they can do it on any day and in any other way they want. I just find that if given the opportunity some people can come up with negativity about “any” holiday or tradition. I always try to look for the positive in things. Anything that is legal and can bring smiles to faces I fully support. There’s nothing wrong with having fun as long as your “own” intentions are admirable. We will have candy at our house for anyone who comes through (and that includes you). No, I don’t intend to dress up. One year I went around with a card pinned to my jacket stating “In reality I am a 5 foot 2 blonde woman.” I got LOTS of candy from that one (smile). Hopefully this year the tradition will come off “peacefully” and kids can have fun again, just like they used to. Thank you so much for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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One thought on “Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The tradition of Halloween”)

  1. Marlena Hall says:

    Halloween is still alive and well. Although parents no longer allow their kids to go door to door, they still have parties and church events surrounding Harvest time. Yes transgressions that took place in the past has caused us to limit, what we will allow our kids to do and contact with strangers. This year I took my granddaughters to the Macon Michael Jackson Thriller dance. We all dressed in our costumes to go that Friday 10/30/2015 and at 7:00 pm est the zombies came out. We all had a great time and my granddaughter Taty, just 10 yrs old and ( a budding actor), recorded the event on an iPhone. I have posted the video on my Facebook page along with pictures of us in our costumes at the event and at home. Times have changed and we have to change with them too. We celebrate Halloween because I did when I was a child. Do you remember trick or treat for UNICEF. I would like you to send me a friend request so that you can see the video. It is hilarious.

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