Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Sensuality”)

What exactly is “sensuality?” I just read another blog where the writer equated her “writings” to being in a heightened state of feeling “sensual.” How many of us will feel that, and what actually constitutes “sensuality?” Is it confidence or is it just style? Somehow I can’t imagine anyone meek appearing sensual, unless, of course, it is being done “purposefully” through a “hidden confidence.” Whenever I play my gigs, I have my own style that I have onstage. I heard from others that there appeared to be a form of sensuality in “how” I play my bass guitar (It is important to note that this was mentioned from “their” perspectives and not mine). If that is indeed the case then I can only imagine it being purely “symbolic” in nature (because my bass guitar is larger than conventional ones and the way it is held could be interpreted as phallic to some). Does that mean that I am “purposely playing that way” to appear seductive or to entice people? I think that “everyone” who loves what they do (and knows they do it well) will develop “some great personal feeling behind it. To be honest, I absolutely “love” the exuberance of when people check out how I perform onstage. I am just not sure if I can equate that exuberance to “sensuality” though. Yes, I feel extremely confident, and yes, I love it when “all eyes are on me.” Even though I have not thought about my style of playing as being “sensual” in nature I cannot entirely dispute it either. The fact that people mentioned how it looks has already implanted the “thought” in my mind. What about you? When you are doing something really well and you are “in your zone,” does a feeling of sensuality come over you? Are you a showoff and do you love the attention that results from your performance? If you love what you do, then how do you describe the feeling you get from it? The blog writer that I checked out seemed to think that “everyone” should feel a sense of sensuality from something they love to do and do well. I can’t disagree with that. Maybe it is confidence or maybe it is style, but at some point just about everyone will have that sensation. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all, as long as what you are doing is “legal.” I hope you enjoy “your” moment “in the zone” and I thank you for checking out my Daily Thought. As always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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