Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (” Is our family line responsible for our behavior?”)

Have you ever done something that made you wonder “why” you ever did it? Have you ever thought about what might have provoked other people to engage in behavior so abnormal that you never believed they would do it? Is there an explanation or a cause for why people deviate from normal behavior? Well, the only person that can be blamed for your own behavior is you… “right?” (After all, it is your fault… “or is it?”) When it comes to genetics, we all tend to inherit “physical traits” that can sometimes “skip” generations. In other words, you could have had a great great grandfather who could really sing, and yet no one else in your immediate family might be able to hold a note “but you.” Or you could have a far off ancestor with very light physical features and you could inherit those light features while the rest of your immediate family is dark skinned. Now imagine this scenario: If it is indeed truly possible to inherit physical attributes from your ancestors, then isn’t it quite possible that you could also inherit their “psychological” aspects as well? We all are a product of our environment, but we are also a product of our family line. If diabetes runs in the family it doesn’t mean that everyone will have it, but chances are increased that some “will” inherit it. The same might be said for racial hatred, jealousy, anger traits, passivity and sensitivity, to name a few. We like to hold others accountable for their own actions, but we all are “mixed” with generations of different family members with different character personalities. In other words, there are many people inside of us. That might seem like a dangerous thought at first, but can it be true? If you had a murderous criminal in your family line there is a slight possibility that you could inherit some of that wickedness in your own character. The “goodness in you” might be strong enough to overpower the evil personality, but everyone is different with different genes (and some genes are stronger than others). People with bad anger management might have gotten it from an ancestor who harbored a lot of hatred. If this is indeed true then when it comes to explaining behavior should there be a need to examine the family history? Maybe when starting a new relationship with someone, instead of Googling the person you should try Googling the family name. I would love to know if any studies have been conducted on this, but for now it just seems to make sense to me. You may not be who you think you are because in actuality you just might be who “they” are… Hopefully I didn’t confuse anyone today. I realize that this Daily Thought is different today but for some reason I just felt the need to ponder this thought. If you think I’m crazy today I won’t mind (smile). I will probably just blame my ancestors (smile). Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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Famous producer and songwriter Dexter Wansel and Brett Jolly in concert



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