Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Is the world ready for a woman President?”)

Recently rapper TI made headlines when he stated that he couldn’t vote for a woman to be the leader of the free world. Many people are outraged at that comment, and at this point the rapper may be sorry that was even asked that question. Here is the article:

He stated that women are often “too emotional” when it comes to making rash decisions. Yes, the comments were very sexist, but were they far from the truth? Studies have shown that women tend to be more emotional than men, but that doesn’t mean that all women would make wrong decisions based on emotion. If Hillary Clinton became President, then of course she would have her own cabinet (like other Presidents do) to discuss matters with. She would also have the benefit of conferring with a husband who had already held the position of President himself. She has held her own as a woman dealing with a man’s “political environment” very well up to this point. However, as sexist as TI’s comments were, there are many other people who “also” believe that the world is not ready for a “woman” President. I think we need to keep in mind that at one point the world was not ready for a “minority President either,” and look where we are now. Would other world leaders respect a woman who was in charge of the United States? My response would be “They’d better.” I personally would not have any problems with a woman President. Times are changing and women are proving that they can be just as competent and able as men in a lot of situations (and in some instances, do it better). In order to get over our “stereotypes” of women I think it is imperative to put one in power first so that the world can see for itself. Hey, many people thought Ronald Reagan was suffering from memory losses during his last days as President. Some believed that George Bush was drunk for most of his term. Given those circumstances we probably would have been a lot better off if we “had” a female leader instead. For the record, men can get pretty emotional sometimes too (and many of us have ego issues). As for a woman being elected “leader of the free world?” My answer is a very simple “Try it.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Olivia Newton John, Brett Jolly and musical director Amy Skyy

Olivia Newton John and Brett Jolly
Skype: Brettjolly1


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