Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“A perfect example of how flawed the justice system can be”)

I happened to watch a segment on 60 minutes online about a man who was wrongfully imprisoned on death row for 30 years before he was finally released for being innocent. The prosecutor of the case is interviewed in this video and accepts “full” responsibility for wrongfully putting Glenn Ford behind bars. Here is the actual video story:

Today’s topic is not about who should be to blame for Mr. Ford’s incarceration. All participants followed what they thought was “normal procedure” for trial and justice in determining his guilt. The system was utilized the way it normally is and all evidence at trial pointed to Mr. Ford being found “guilty.” However, what would have happened if he had been put to death and then found innocent later? Should the people who were responsible for his incarceration then be put on trial for his wrongful death? For those who believe the justice system is always fair, you really need to take a look at this video. Just because this man was never “put to death” in prison that doesn’t mean that “his life wasn’t taken from him.” The next question is “How many OTHER “Glenn Fords” are out there on death row now waiting for their “ultimate sentence” to be dealt? THIS is the main reason why I have always been “against the death penalty.” Once the sentence is carried out then all is “final.” This man came within a week of being executed. If they had found out later that he was innocent then no one would have been able to bring him back from the dead. Don’t get me wrong, but there are people out there who actually committed crimes so horrific that they “deserve” the death penalty (I understand that fully), but I just have a problem with showing people how wrong it is wrong to commit murder by actually “killing them.” In my book two wrongs never make a right. Trials need to be more about “fairness” instead of “who has the best lawyer.” When you take 30 years from a man’s life then to me that is worse than murder. During those 30 years he lived with the pain of being wrongfully imprisoned each and every day (like torture). Then once he finally got out he was only compensated a $20 gift card form his 30 years of incarceration. Maybe no one cares about that but I can promise you it will become a “major” concern if this should ever happen to “you.” Until the justice system becomes “flawless” then I hope they reconsider ALL death sentences. Obviously it is all too late for this man, who died a broke and tortured soul. Someone needs to care… Thank you for reading my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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