Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Natural Disasasters”)

South Carolina is going through a major rough time right now. A big time hurricane is flooding the area, crushing roads and taking lives. It is one thing to hear about it through the media, but nothing can match the experience of actually being “caught in one.” Many of us take a lot of things in life for granted, but even if you live in the “best” of circumstances everything you own can be taken from you when it comes to a natural disaster. I remember many years ago traveling to South Carolina after hurricane Hugo swept through the area. I could not believe my eyes… The tall trees along the highway were “all curved to the left” from the devastating winds (and yes, I do mean “curved”). Traffic lights were laid down in the middle of the roads. Cars had been swept “off” the roads and the town of Sumter was left without water, electricity and food for days. In order to fully understand the significance of all this, just try going only “3” days without using any water, food, or electricity and maybe then you will get some idea of how awful the situation was. People were walking through the streets in a daze, and many could not function or think properly. This is what a natural weather disaster can do, and as bad as hurricanes are, there are disasters even “worse” than these. Here is an article to show you how it is currently in South Carolina:

Tsunamis and earthquakes can cause even more damage, and if you have ever been in one you are indeed lucky to escape with your life. Disasters happen all over the world and the best preparation is still no guarantee. Today we need to pray for the people in South Carolina as well as other areas in the world who are experiencing other severe damaging conditions. If you are experiencing sunny skies today then you should feel blessed for you never know when your turn may be next. Let’s hope that the people of South Carolina can recover from all this. Thank you for reading my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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