Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Taking a look at the live performance of the Beach Boys on Good Vibrations”)

This is my “expose it” segment where we take a look at actual “supposedly live” concert performances. This song by the Beach Boys entitled “Good Vibrations” has been a classic hit for many years. However, the song is a very complex one to play and sing live vocally. The different key changes along with the different harmonies meant that in order for this song to sound just right, the sound technician would have to be “perfectly on it with the right effects” or else this song would get lost onstage. When viewing this live piece the background vocals sound “absolutely perfect…” and that’s the problem. The backgrounds sound “way too perfect” for me to think they are being sung “live.” I do believe that at least 2 or 3 of the group’s members may be really singing on this, but I can hear at least 5 different vocal parts on the actual song itself. Also, when I hear them actually speak during the song, the effects are not heard on their voices. Here is the live video:

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I then went and checked the song facts for this particular tune. It was recorded “in pieces” and put together in several different studios before it was all joined together. Many different musicians were brought in to perform different parts on the track (The word out is that the Beach Boys themselves did not do any of the instrumentation on this tune). Also, with the “extremely high voice registers I just can’t imagine “any of them still being able to hit those high notes so perfectly at this age in their careers. “Most” artists who are of the age of the Beach boys would just “lower the keys,” but the key of this piece is exactly the same with nothing changed (which also leads me to suspicion). Finally, at the 3 minute, 32 second mark of this video, if you look closely in the far dark background you will see a “whole other band” hitting the very last note, which tells me that these guys were not playing the song at all, but rather letting the “background band” play the tune while they “pretended” to perform it. I am not trying to roast the Beach Boys. However, I always wondered how “anyone” could perform this track live considering the complexity of the musical and vocal arrangements. Now I have witnessed it for myself. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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