Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Final chapter: The Pope is now gone from us”)

Needless to say, it was a wild adventure in Philadelphia with the Pope being in town over the weekend. It was pretty much a circus-like atmosphere with so much happening that at times I actually felt sorry for the man. He “had” to have been tired from all the hoopla surrounding his visit, and at his age I know it had to have been a lot for him to contend with. We had police and secret servicemen “everywhere.” They rode motorcycles, bikes, and walked on foot. In fact, there were “so many” police and firemen around that if anyone else in the city had a burglary or fire they were just “plain out of luck.” We had helicopters constantly flying overhead, and trying to travel “anywhere” in the city was a challenging adventure. We were “locked in.” Even the roads that the Pope “wasn’t going to use” got shut down with barriers (for whatever reasons I just couldn’t understand). Since I lived 2 blocks from where he was staying you could only imagine the scenario. People were lined up along the street sitting on the curb just waiting for the Pontiff to come by. The ironic part about all of this is that the Pope himself didn’t want to be driven around in one of those fancy “security proof cars.” Instead he opted for the simplicity of riding in a dark colored Fiat. I watched him (and his motorcade) come up the street. He had police cars on each side (and behind and in front of him) just so that no one could do harm to him. He didn’t get to stay at his lodging place for very long. The city had “many activities” for him that seemed to last all day. I saw at one point he looked “really exhausted from all of this.” While I am glad that he came through our city and shed a “positive light” on a lot of people here, I try not to get caught up in “worshiping the man.” If it were the Lord Himself I could fully understand everything, but as far as I can recall I don’t think Pope Francis himself ever made any “miracles happen.” I believe the people just gravitated to what he “represents.” It will be interesting to see if the climate of our city will “change for the better” after this visit. It is one thing to worship the man, but will our crime now decrease any as a result of his visit? Will our nation now enact measures to curb the environmental damage to our world climate now? Will the rich reach out and give to the poor as the Pope suggested in his speeches? Will we now welcome immigrants and accept them as he asked, which seems to be against the will of most of our Presidential candidates? Will the inmates that he visited in the prisons now be forgiven? If he can make “even one” of these things happen, then in my eyes he will have accomplished his “miracle.” Jesus was all about “giving and forgiving.” He didn’t own a church. Will we all follow in those footsteps or will we all go back to our regular selfish mentality? “Change may be needed, but change is not always welcomed.” “The light was here… Let’s hope that the light has not left with him…” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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This is a rather distant picture of the motorcade taken around the corner from me. The Pope’s car is right in the middle.



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