Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Today is the actual day the Pope comes to my home town”)

Today is the day that the Pope arrives in my home town. Roads are already closed and traveling anywhere will seem extremely hectic this weekend. My frustration will be magnified because he will be staying just 2 blocks from where I live, so I already know what to expect. While I realize that this visit will do great things for the city of Philadelphia I still can’t help but wonder why people idolize this man to such a degree. I recognize that he is the top religious figure in the world, but does that make him any more human or any less fallible than the rest of us? Of course, for a lot of that won’t even matter as long as he can “convert lives for the better.” We ALL need that. However, should we worship the man more than we worship the Creator? I have heard several people ask that question. We all need people of motivation. Pastors do their best to “inspire people” in their sermons to improve their qualities of life, and many of them are looked up to. Given that scenario, should the Pope be considered any more (or any less) of an influence? There are many different religions in this world, and many different customs of practice for those religions. Also, different pastors can read a scripture and come up with different definitions of what those scriptures actually mean. Which ones do we follow? When it comes to faith and religion, the key ingredient should be found “within yourself.” The “light that shines within you” depends on your own “internal switch.” There is nothing wrong with allowing a man to be your source of inspiration religiously, but we all need to realize that our leaders are every bit as human as the rest of us, and through God’s eyes “none of us” are perfect. Whatever (and whoever) it takes to make you “see the light of God” is what’s most important. While the Pope’s visit to my hometown may be significant, it is what we all think “after he leaves” that will determine our true values of life. I would like to thank the Pope for coming to Philadelphia, and even though I don’t think that all traffic needs to be shut down because of him, I do hope that his visit will produce much more positive than negative results. If that can happen, then to me this visit will be “more than worth it.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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