Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“When you’re on the brink of “losing it”)

I talked to a young lady vocalist yesterday who was interested in writing and recording. A few years ago she had relocated to one of those “major market places” to pursue her dreams, only to finally realize that this place (and the people) were not for her. She admitted that she came back as someone who had problems trusting others because of her experiences. When she wanted help she only encountered people who wanted to use her for their own purposes. She also said that she tried to find relief “in the church” only to find that even those “she trusted there” were also trying to manipulate her. She was so despondent that at one point she thought she was on the “brink of losing it.” She admitted that her experiences have marked her for life and she now doubts herself in many ways. I had to inform her that “some of the best writers and artists in history lived “troubled lives.” I reminded  her that Marvin Gaye was often a troubled individual who wrote about whatever he felt at that time. Sly Stone was another great writer who was constantly high and had trouble confronting life “head on.” Phyllis Hyman’s life was also tormented. Finally I reminded her of a woman who wrote some “great hits” stemming from her own troubled life, and that woman was Amy Winehouse. I told her that in life most of us come across “low points.” These moments can result in “severe depression” and can often make you contemplate things that you would never normally consider. I also informed her that whenever she feels that way then she only needs to “write a song about what she is feeling.” Sometimes the greatest songs are those that feature the greatest messages. There are many people out there who are heavily influenced by the messages or lyrical contents of tunes they have heard. By “channeling her energy into her music she can “vent” and also “create” at the same time. When an artists feels his or her work then usually the project benefits from it. I told her that she should never just “keep it in.” When I finished talking to her, she seemed a lot more “encouraged.” I do realize that not everyone is a songwriter. I only hope that anyone who feels close to hitting “rock bottom in ANY field” finds a way to “re-channel that energy” into anything positive. Life is filled with “ups and downs” but we don’t always have to succumb to “temporary moments of depression.” Redirect your frustration into something positive and let your misfortune “work for you.” Of course, this is probably easier to say than to do for some people. I learned about this years ago when I was younger. Every time I was severely frustrated I would go out to the basketball courts and take out my aggression on those trying to guard me (and yes, I had some really “great” games). Find your own niche and “make life work for you.” You just might be surprised at the outcome. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Bonnie Raitt and Brett Jolly in concert


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