Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The Pope is coming here”)

“The Pope is coming…. the Pope is coming…” Yes, here in my hometown the talk has been about the Pope coming here sometime in September. I think that is great, but the problem I have is that they will practically be “shutting down the city” for his arrival. Many streets will be closed off and they are digging up the streets now to construct some sophisticated security defense system for him. They are even going to shut down the bridge from Jersey to here for him, so no one will be able to drive across (However, they will be able to walk across it). I must shamefully admit that I a little bit illiterate when it comes the significance of a Pope. While I recognize that the title is important I tried to figure out just what other characteristics or qualifications make the Pope that much different from any of the rest of us. I was given these qualifications for being Pope:

“Contrary to what some may have heard or think, the qualities of a Pope are
traditional. According to Catholic tradition, the Pope is selected through the
will of God, not because of any particular trait. The Pope can be almost any
Catholic male but is usually a Cardinal. The Pope can be a Bishop,Priest, or
even a layman. Popes are often old, but not that old. Cardinals select the new
Pope based on their faith and personal conscience. The Pope is usually fluent in
several languages. Lastly, the Pope is knowledgeable about or influential within
—places where the Catholic church is going.”

So there are no particular qualifications for becoming a Pope (other than the fact that they are usually Cardinals). I know that a representative of God is imperative for many of us, but will the Pope’s presence bring any of us closer to God than we already are? Please understand that I am not belittling the position of Pope at all. In fact, I would really love to know more about the things that make this man so special to the world. I just know that when he arrives here he will be staying  2 blocks from my home and I already know that the congestion and traffic will be catastrophic. The city will be on “lock down” and trying to travel anywhere will be close to impossible. Usually whenever the President comes through they shut down the streets temporarily while a motorcade of police escort cars and decoys with tinted windows travels through the streets. I have personally seen that. However, this visit will practically “dwarf” the usual Presidential preparations. Yes, the Pope is coming here, and I only hope that we are changed for the better from it. It will be interesting just to see how this all plays out and how the effects will be on the people of our city, but you can rest assured that I will let you know. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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