Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Success in planning”)

When you are committed to being successful, then you just “know” how to do it, and you won’t let excuses get in your way. You go all out because “you already know” that your efforts will produce positive results. Years ago I performed for Donald Trump’s birthday party and I heard him deliver a speech. Of course, he did some rambling, but he also had a very interesting story to tell. He said that at one point he made a very “bad business decision.”  In fact, it was “so bad” that he actually found himself 9 million dollars in debt. He said that he and Marla Maples passed a homeless man on the street asking for money and he didn’t give him any. Marla asked him why and Donald claimed that at that particular point that homeless man was worth much more than him. The story didn’t end there though. Mr. Trump said that a lot of his former friends were “out on  him” because he was no longer part of that millionaire club. What those people didn’t seem to understand was that being successful is not coincidence, but rather great planning and knowledge.  Trump still had a few friends who had money, and he just asked them to “loan” him some so that he could get his business back on its feet. Well, they did… and “he did.” Donald went “right back” to millionaire status “just like that” and he paid off all of his friends who helped him along the way. The moral of this story is that those people who already “know how to make success” will “always find a way to get back on top.” Whether you like Trump or not, you can’t argue with that fact that he is “loaded.” The people who started Uber are more examples of a plan that only needed implementation in order to work. They took on a huge taxi organization that was the predominant means for a lot of people to travel, and just look at them now. When it comes to making great business ventures, you first have to find out what people need (determine demand). Then you have to study those in the business and find out whether their practices are supplying what the market wants. If you discover that they are lacking, then all you need to do is provide a service that covers the area they are lacking in. That is what good business is all about and it can be as simple as that. Most business ventures will require investment, and often this is where a lot of people “stop.” Investment means “risk” and there are people who don’t believe enough in their dream to risk losing on investment. This is where the “excuses” come in. If you believe in yourself one hundred percent then there are “no excuses.” There is risk in every successful journey. In fact, you can’t even when the lottery unless you run the risk of “losing at least a dollar’s worth of investment.” If you take a chance, the worst thing that could happen is that you “fail.” The greatest thing that can happen is that you “succeed.” I say take your chances… What do you “really” have to lose? Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always i wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Comedian Chris Tucker, brother Bill Jolly and Brett Jolly

Chris Tucker


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