Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Can hypnosis work for you?”)

Yesterday I was running an errand to a place downtown and I noticed that this little shop was a place for yoga, but there was also a compartment upstairs that was utilized for the art of “hypnosis.” There was a young man (who was the  hypnotizer) and a young woman (who I guess was the hypnotizee?… sorry) sitting across from each other during a session. I was intrigued immediately, because I never quite knew how hypnosis worked or what it could actually accomplish. Needless to say I learned a lot from this session. The first thing to note is that hypnosis “can only work for those who are “willing, receptive, and wanting” for it to work.” You cannot hypnotize anyone against his or her will. I asked the guy what the experience is like when someone is under hypnosis and he explained that the subject is in a “daydream state.” He said that most memories in your life don’t fade away. They are just repressed and hypnosis is a way of going back into your past to pinpoint areas and events that may have altered your behavior in life *with the prospect of possibly fixing them). This particular woman had a speech impediment that she wanted to have corrected. The young man went through his procedure and actually got the woman into a relaxed state. While she was in a trance he asked her to revisit points in her life to determine where the impediment originated. While the process seemed rather long, he did manage to alter her mood. When she awoke from her trance he asked her a couple of questions and she answered them fluidly. She appeared to be “cured.” The young man explained to me that even when someone is cured, they can actually revert back due to their own curiosity. He said it is the equivalent of letting a child out through the gate of a back yard. Sometimes the child will get curious and step back into the yard, and that is when the hypnosis then becomes “undone.” For this particular session it seemed to have “worked.” I still don’t know if I would strongly recommend hypnosis for anyone. It depends on what your issue is and what you want to accomplish. I do know that it can make you feel positive and give you confidence, and to me that is enough justification to try it. If you are interested in altering your own life, I suggest that you talk to a hypnotist in your area. A consultation couldn’t hurt and I highly doubt that he or she can hypnotize you “over the phone.” In other words, it couldn’t hurt to try… Only you can determine if hypnosis is the right thing for you. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer


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The Intruders “(“I’ll always love my Momma”) and Brett Jolly in concert



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