Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Should we trust in everything we see and hear in the media?”)

We all learn as we grow, and our experiences in life often make us “who and what we are.” Most of us have been “taught certain ways” to live life and most of us have trusted the sources of our information. However, what if “a lot” of what you learned wasn’t really true? What if you were being deceived by those who “want” you to believe? I am saying this because media like radio and television are integral parts of our lives. We depend and rely on them often for our daily knowledge. Can we automatically assume that everything that we watch on television or hear on radio is “true or accurate?” Reality shows are “supposed” to show real life situations of the personal lives of people. However, these shows are driven by the “power of money.” If these shows were not interesting enough, do you think the producers will actually “conjure” up scenarios for the people to act out in order to spice up the program (and subsequently make more money)? I believe they would. What about weather predictions? Whenever they say a big storm is headed your way, most of your neighbors will head to the supermarkets and “stock up on supplies.” However, if that particular storm only had a “minimal impact” or “passed right by you then the weather predictors will have made these people invest money unnecessarily due to their predictions. When something like that happens, do you feel “deceived?” On radio, most people hear certain artists played a lot, and many assume that just because these artists are getting airplay that they must be the “best talent out there.” Radio is “also driven by the concept of making money” and they don’t care if you can sing well or not. As long as you are marketable (and making money for them) then that is “all” that matters. There are many great vocalists and performers who will “never get their artistry played on radio.” Yet we continue to give credibility to just about everything we see and hear. There are polls out now that say that Donald Trump is the frontrunner in the Republican party (Do you believe this to be true?). I remember years ago when most of the polls said that Mitt Romney was the virtual frontrunner for the Presidential race. These polls were designed to make you “think” that Romney was the best candidate and the better leader. So what happened? Barack Obama won the election handily, and those polls obviously didn’t live up to their own standings. Television and radio can project any types of messages they want, but it is up to us to give them credibility. Commercials are not done for your entertainment. They are done to illicit certain responses from you.  Media is used to influence behavior, so “should” we “trust in everything they promote?” Can we live our lives properly without giving credibility to all the information that media pushes to us? I will often watch and listen with a “skeptical ear.” What about you? Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Brett Jolly and media personality Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts and Brett Jolly


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