Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Camille Cosby’s defense of her husband”)

First, I do understand that behind every successful man there is a woman who helped make him that way. In the case of Bill Cosby, his wife Camille spent most of their careers building up the reputation of this once revered man. She has stood beside him much like Hillary Clinton did with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, though his own misgivings. While in many circumstances that can be considered admirable, in this situation it just might “work against” her husband. Camille claims that these women who now accuse Bill Cosby of assaulting them actually gave their “consent” to being drugged and having sex. With the evidence against the “one time prominent role figure” building continually against him I just don’t believe that this was the proper statement for her to make. Whether she realizes it or not, with that statement she “gives credibility” to the possibility that “some kind of impropriety actually DID take place.” You can’t say that women gave their consent to sex unless that sex “actually occurred.” If the women did indeed give their consent, then why would they even need “any”drugs in the first place? Why would they change their minds now? Finally, this statement puts her “right dab smack in the middle” of this story. When you make a statement like this, it automatically gives off the impression that you “knew” about these violations and did nothing to report the activity to authorities. If in fact a crime did occur, it could possibly mean that through her knowledge she was a “willing participant.” Even though the statute of limitations has passed, that could possibly land them “both” in jail. For YEARS Bill Cosby has been a positive figure in entertainment. He didn’t curse in his monologues and he always seemed to be the voice on logic when it came to others. He helped a lot of people along the way. I remember meeting him years ago when my group opened up for his performance at the Academy of Music here in Philadelphia. His wife has always been perceived as a woman of dignity. With these last statements, she may have destroyed her own positive image. Everyone accused of a crime should be considered “innocent until proven guilty,” and while no trial has been set for Mr. Cosby the evidence against him just “continues to mount.” I’d like to believe that he is innocent. I don’t know if my heart will let me… Either way, I applaud Camille for “standing by her man in the face of adversity.” However, if she is going to make comments about what she “thinks” she knows, then she may need to use a greater degree of discretion. Otherwise, she may find that the words she uses “can and will be used against her.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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