Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“How should a father react when his daughter is featured in Playboy?”)

Okay, let’s just say that I had a very “weird” expression on my face when I first heard this. My daughter, Jazzmin Jolly, told me that she was recently featured in a recent Playboy magazine article. Now, MOST folks who are knowledgeable enough already “know” that over the years Playboy magazine has always been a “gentleman’s publication” that featured great looking woman wearing “great degrees of nothing but empty space.” In other words, “naked…” When my daughter relayed this information to me I needed an explanation “quick, fast, and in a hurry.” That was when she informed me that when she went to one of her “anime” conventions a picture of her was taken and featured in one of Playboy’s “online publications.” The best part about this conversation was that she was “fully dressed” in the picture. You can click on the actual link above to see it for yourself… So, as a father, how should I have felt that my daughter was featured in a well known publication such as Playboy, even though she was fully clothed? I can tell you that I felt a “great degree of relief.” My daughter loves the world of cosplay, and to be honest there is a lot about this realm that I still don’t know. The basic gist is that she goes to these conventions and dresses up (along with others who do the same) as famous “anime” or movie characters. It is a world that Jazzmin loves, and I fully support her desire to take part in it. One year I was with her (I think it was in South Carolina) and I saw first hand how people don special costumes, special makeup, along with special gimmicks and actually “role play” the characters. Some of them go to exorbitant lengths to “capture the essence” of the characters. Hey, when growing up I always had my “own” infatuation with super heroes. I so wished that I could have been one. Well, the kids of today actually “CAN” with these conventions. They may not have the actual super powers that go along with it, but that doesn’t stop them from living out their fantasies regardless. I love my kids, and I will always support them in their endeavors to do something positive and fulfilling. While I may not want my daughter featured in “too many” Playboy articles I can still say that she has made me a very proud parent. Jazzmin wants me to one day dress up as one of my super hero fantasies. While it is still an infatuation for me, I think I am “well past” my prime for doing this. I will leave this realm for her, and wish her the absolute best in it. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Billy Paul (“Me and Mrs. Jones” and “Your song”) and Brett Jolly in concert



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