Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“My personal experience with Norman Connors”)

There was one big classic R&B hit from years ago entitled “You are my Starship.” During it’s time, it became a very big hit. Well, the man responsible for that hit is “Norman Conners.” Now I’m sure a lot of people will ask “Who is he?” Norman, a good friend of mine, will tell you that he is responsible for discovering Jean Carne, Michael Henderson, and Phyllis Hyman (along with Glen Jones and others). I have worked with Norman on several occasions, and from the very first opportunity I learned quite a bit about him. When it comes to his classic hit “You are my Starship,” Norman didn’t sing the tune. Norman also didn’t write the tune (Michael Henderson did both). Norman did, however, play the drums on the track and got credit for it’s success. Norman was mostly a jazz drummer, and whenever I performed with him he would usually have “another” drummer playing while he “conducted the band.” One day a few years back the mayor of Philadelphia declared a “Norman Conners” day in Philadelphia. I was scheduled to perform with him at a venue that back then was known as “North by Northwest.” The event was done on his birthday (which was the exact same birthday as mine… March 1st). Norman called me to pick him up from the train station and take him immediately to WDAS for a radio interview with Patty Jackson, an on air personality for the station. ¬†We had a good time and the show went great that evening. It was sold out and they brought out a cake with Norman’s name and my name on it. Norman has a LOT of personal stories about him and quite a few jazz legions (such as Miles Davis). I will NOT divulge those stories here today (but Lord knows i would love to) (smile). Norman is a good guy, and usually each year for our birthdays we call each other. He has his own personal group now and he told me that he is really happy with the way his life is currently. I am glad to hear that and I sincerely wish him the best. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Brett Jolly, Patty Jackson, and Norman Connors

Norman Connors