Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Still having problems with gun control laws”)

Just recently a troubled youth walked into a South Carolina church and spent about an hour getting to know people that were “very nice to him.” He then pulled out a gun and “shot nine of them dead.” This case was so tragic, and while many who examined this case have chosen to focus on that “R” word (you know, the one that rhymes with “chase”) I want to instead address what I believe to be the “real problem.” This young man had a troubled history. This young man had been arrested before. This young man had no problems posting his views on social media. With all of this being “public knowledge” HOW was it even “possible” for this man to “obtain a gun in the first place?” “WHY” is it “so easy” for any troubled and challenged individual to purchase a firearm in this country? WHY are our leading politicians “so afraid” to confront the NRA to secure more stringent “background checks?” WHY is it that kids can’t go to school or regular people can’t enjoy a movie theatre or church without the fear that some “other” crazed maniac will be able to walk in with an easily acquired gun and commit “random acts of violence?” In this particular case the easiest thing to focus on is the aspect of “race.” However, if they had only done a “decent background check” on this man then this incident could possibly have been averted. The one thing that is evident is that “crazed or mentally unstable individuals” normally won’t even “try” to hide their intentions. If the gun shop owners couldn’t run a background check they only needed to check the person’s Facebook or Instagram account. Most people express what they feel on these social media (especially the crazy ones), and it would only have taken  a few minutes to see that this guy had problems. Election time is coming up and I am anxious to see if “any” of the candidates has the “balls” to address the NRA over their lax gun control laws. The NRA is a very powerful organization and I have “yet” to see any prominent figure try to hold it accountable for it’s “lack of suitable guidelines.” Show me any candidate that isn’t afraid to go after them and that person may just secure my vote. These random acts of violence have to cease, but as long as unstable individuals can easily purchase firearms then we all will continue to be in danger. How bad will the next incident be? Until we can manage to crack down on the purchase of guns, the sky is the limit for the amount of damage that can come from the next troubled individual. As always, I welcome any and all opposing points of view. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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