Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The need for video during police confrontations”)

I understand that police have a very difficult job to do. Sometimes in order to establish stability in the middle of chaos they may have to resort to “exorbitant means.” Their lives can easily be in danger when it comes to doing their jobs and I fully understand that it is not always easy to remember to do things “by the book” in the middle of a very stressful situation. There has been a very “strained” relationship lately between the Black community and police here in the US. Recently there have been several instances of “unarmed” black people being killed during confrontations, normally with the officers getting found innocent at trial. The newest (and probably greatest) friend to the Black community recently has been “video.” Without video, an incident becomes a “my word versus yours” story which will usually “favor the officer” without enough sufficient evidence. Recently there was a pool party with Black teenagers where police were called in. To my understanding there had been a fight between 2 women at the party and the police were summoned to handle the matter. In this particular video, a police officer can be seen “wrestling a young teenage black girl dressed in only a bikini to the ground,” and then pinning her to the ground with his knee. At one point you can hear the young girl scream for her mother and even cry that the officer was hurting her. For those of you who have not seen the video, here is the link:

As I have stated, I fully understand how difficult it is for police to establish order. Some of my best friends are officers. This particular officer brandished his gun (which I thought was totally unwarranted given the circumstances) and I just couldn’t find “any” proper justification for him to grab the young girl and mistreat her in that fashion. She didn’t appear to be a threat to him at all and if that had been my daughter in that situation I would have been “very” angry. Regardless of race (the officer is White while the others were Black) this incident just felt like it should have been handled differently to me. Naturally, because this will obviously be viewed as a “racial issue” then there will be a lot more “sensitivity towards this situation.” Because of this, I have a question to ask: “Considering the fact that police misconduct “could possibly happen” during an incident, should a crowd “have to disperse” just because the officer ordered it to do so?” Before answering, consider this: If no one had been there to videotape this incident, then this officer could have fatally killed or tragically hurt someone and then tried to lie or cover it up later. It “almost” happened in South Carolina, where an officer shot a fleeing unarmed man 8 times from behind and then tried to conjure up a story to hide what he did. In that incident, if it had not been for video taken of the shooting, this officer would probably have gotten off scott free. When it comes to video (and the use of it). I think it not only benefits those accused but the police officers as well. If the police KNOW that there is a possibility of being filmed then maybe they will be more aware to handle matters properly without using “excessive” force. I think I will ask my police friends whether or not a crowd “has” to disperse when an officer tells it to. The officer in this video resigned from the force after this video was released, but would he have done so if it hadn’t? I strongly suggest that “everyone” learn how to operate the video functions on your phone, because it just might save the life of someone being mistreated. Today’s Daily Thought is NOT designed to malign or prejudge police in any way. They have a tough job to do and they lay their lives on the line “every single” day. However, for those policemen who may become “over aggressive” there needs to be another line of defense to protect those from unneeded violence. Unless this girl attacked the officer, I could see no reason for her mistreatment. As always, I welcome any and all opinions and comments that may differ. Thanks for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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