Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The joy in writing music”)

Most people who know me will tell you that I enjoy just about all facets of music. I love to play it, sing it, perform it live, and I love to “write it.” When it comes to writing music, that usually takes up a lot more time, but the feeling I get from a song that I have created is “priceless.” The other day my brother Bill Jolly wrote a song for some man who was opening up for Will Downing in Delaware. When Bill went to the show, the man performed his song and my brother said it felt awesome just to hear  someone else do your music. I had the same feeling years ago when students at Gladwynne Elementary school sang a version of my song “Bridges to Peace.” I have been so busy with so many other projects that I neglected my song writing. I am now feeling the urge to get back into it. Most times you should only write songs when the inspiration hits you, otherwise it might not have the same sound of feel that you intended. I got motivated to write again when I actually found out that my old tunes can actually be found and played on Spotify. Spotify is the new radio media (along with others like Pandora) that will soon probably put conventional radio stations out of business. I was amazed to find out that my songs have been requested and played on it. Once when i was in Canada, I did a search on my name and found out that some phone company actually had a “Brett Jolly Ringtone.” Since then I have not been able to find that company, but I was really surprised when I first discovered this. Songwriting is an escape for me, and I just started writing this new song that is beginning to feel good to me. At this point I may even create a whole new CD project again. For those of you who have music in your hearts and minds, you may feel as though you don’t have the proper training to write songs. That is far from the truth. You don’t need to be able to read or graph any charts to make music (I don’t read music at all). You don’t need to be an accomplished  musician to write music (some of the biggest hits in history have simple patterns that just about anyone can play). You only need the “inspiration” to set things in place. If you have a musical concept, I can actually “write your music for you” and email it back to  you. Then all you would have to do is just “record your vocals to the track.” If you have Skype then I might just be able to record your vocals online. Then all it takes would be some mixing and mastering, and then you have a “song.” It is a lot more simple than it sounds, and the end results will surprise you. For any particular details just contact me at I am anxious and raring to go today, so I am looking forward to working on my tune. Thank you so much for checking out my Daily Thought today. As always, i wish you the very best that life has to offer. Please make the most of it.


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My brother Bill Jolly, Bon Jovi, and Brett Jolly

Bon Jovi, Bill and Brett