Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The Bruce Jenner Story”)

I keep seeing articles about this particular story, and to me it feels like they have played this thing out for what “seems” like an eternity. Bruce Jenner (who had a great amount of fame as a man) is now achieving even MORE fame as a “woman.” Bruce decided to make a change to live life comfortably in a body that feels more natural to him (or her). While he is “hardly the first” to change genders, his story seems to be getting a “lot” of attention lately. Each week when I am in the supermarket, just about every magazine tabloid has his picture and his story in it. To me, this is beginning to become “overkill.” While I fully support his desire to make the transformation I just hate to see how big a production the media is making this. I just recently saw an article where he has “fully transformed” and now wants to be known as Caitlyn Jenner. In fact, he is going to grace the new cover of Vanity Fair magazine. I commend the magazine for featuring him (uh, her…. uh, them?) but I really do hope that this story starts to “wind down” soon. If we are to be a society that can accept gays then we should also be able to accept transgender people as well. By the way, if you would like to check out the article, here is the link:

We only have one life. While we are not all born with the same circumstances we still have the right to make changes as we see fit. As a musician, I have had to play for many different occasions for different types of people and that even includes events like gay weddings (In fact, I have to play for one this weekend). I think it is about time that the “world catches up with itself” and realizes that one day we all will be “so different” that in actuality we will all be “the same.” I realize that may sound confusing at first, but it is quite possible that through race mixing there may no longer be any “whites or blacks or indians or whatever.” EVERYONE may be mixed with something. The same might be said for sexual preferences one day. We are who we are, and just maybe one day the whole world will be able to exist in harmony without making judgment on others. Oh what a beautiful world this will be when that happens. Until then, “hate reigns on.” Congrats to Caitlyn Jenner for having the courage to be who she wants to be. Now I only hope that we can all exhale and “let this one go.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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